Monday, July 28, 2008

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass

3 guild firsts in 2 days. Friday night, we ran Karazhan, and after getting started a little late, we snagged Neshura (for half the run, then Wolfinme replaced her, gallantly), and dragged Siiro along, who's becoming more and more uber every run we make.

We had Kathe doing an awesome job main tanking, and we brought in Morphos (and his damn accent) to offtank/kitty dps. Boon and Shougeki healed, and were blessed with the presence of a pugged shadowpriest named Katsue, who was awesome.

Leghumper provided massive frostie DPS and Harikin casted seemingly random mage spells all night long.

Rounding out the 10-some was a terrible warlock named Absitively.

We rolled. We had 1 wipe on Shade, due to someone accidentally moving on flame wreath, and 1 wipe on Netherspite, because I neglected to tell the tanks and Boon to stay out during the banish phase - which caused our DPS to get 1-shotted as soon as he unbanished.

I think, Spite, from now on, will be on farm. Having both a Warlock and a Shadow Priest really helped, as neither of us required much healing tanking the blue beam, and there was no dps-blue-beam swapping.

Next time I'll work a bit more on ranged positioning so we can run to the windows easier.

Having the Druids swap red/green beam tanking also was huge.

Sunday, was Zul'Aman. Our typical 2 hour progression run. We once again procured the services of Katsue, and we rolled in with Pos and Owaru tanking, Boon, Yorkshire and Kiljara doing the healing. Leghumper, Neshura, Wolfinme, and Gobblez being our other 4 DPS.

We took down the Bear, in record KoU time. We got the first chest for the first time EVAR!

Then, we went on to Akil'zon. After 1 wipe on the gauntlet, we went onto him.

First time, we lost people due to the Storm, and not getting collapsed in time.

The second time, we had everyone turn off their sounds, except for Ambient. Turn their sound up. Turn their ambient up.
You can hear the storm coming in then. (Thanks, Nesh!!)

We didn't miss a single collapse. We lost two dps unluckily early. Which sucked, but... we got down to his enrage timer.

3rd time. He went down. Another KoU first. Leghumper got a new ring, he was jazzed about.

A ring with a slot in it. Amazing.

Party on guys.

And, if you're interested, here's the WWS from the run...

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neshura said...

I think I may have fallen asleep several times in Kara, thank goodness Wolf came online. But I had a fantastic time in ZA. You've put together one hell of a good team. Let's do the awesome ZA run again next week! :-)