Monday, July 21, 2008

So close... yet so far...


So close to getting that first chest. We were a minute to a minute and a half off of getting him down in time.

Just needed a teensy bit more DPS, or a death-free run. We never wiped, but we had 4 or 5 deaths on the trash pulls.

So close.

Then, Ravensfire DC'd before we started the second boss and we called it.

We went to do Heroic MrT. Magisters Terrace.

Pos had just run it recently, and I twisted the arm of my guildies, and we took Gobblez, Kikidas, Tasogare and Boon along with Pos tanking.

It went pretty smooth. 2 wipes on the second boss. 1 wipe on the 3rd boss. And I think we took Kael down on our first try (if I remember right)

Not a single trash wipe.

Also, the last pull before Kael, which used to be 6 mobs, and a huge pain... is now only 5, and no different from 10 other pulls in the instance.

Pos got a new axe, which he'll break out if he ever goes fury (and when I dual wield now...)

I hope to run it lots.... as there's two trinkets Pos wants from the 3rd boss. Both the expertise trinket and the signet of kael'thas.


I wonder where there's a purple ring Pos can get...

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