Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A case of the rambles...

Casual Raiding.

So, we're doing it. As a guild, we're pulling off casual raiding. Our guild had a major hemorrhage a couple months back, but we've stabilized, picked up a few awesome people, and we're just cruising along.

We've broken into ZA, the first boss is on farm. Obviously, he's just the first boss, but for a guild that struggles to field 10 during any given week, that's a pretty big deal.

Our fearless raid leader wants to open up recruiting. I think he has a plan to do it, but I think he wants it to be perfect before he tells us about it.

You hear me, Byouki... its time to start brain storming. COLLECTIVELY!

Honestly, the best recruits come from pugs. We picked up an awesome druid (who's gone MIA... but... that happens), we run with good people and we invite them along for our ride.

I need to start pugging more. Breaking up my 5-some that I always run with. I love running with them, but, maybe, if we split up, we can meet more people. Have more fun.

We ran with a warlock the other day, he said he had a blast.

I get tells from other people I've run with, from other guilds, asking me to bring my chars to tank, to run raids. If these raids need more people, they'll ask me if guildies want to come. I am glad for that.

I've gotten some people into places they wouldn't have seen otherwise as a result.

Heck, I've gotten into places I otherwise wouldn't have. I got Abs into BT to do trash last week. Then Pos into Sunwell to do trash the same day.

Yep. I've tanked Sunwell.

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