Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Epic Fail

That's what happened in Karazhan on Saturday night.

For the first time since I started this blog-thing (way back in April) a KoU run didn't down Prince.

1 run a week for 4 months, and we'd done it every time in about 4 hours, give or take.

Wow. I'm a pretty awesome raid leader. Eh? :)

Anyway... we didn't get Illhoof down, we couldn't get Shade down... our Melee dps, while great at interrupting spells, were collectively terrible at getting out of Arcane explosion.

We lost 2 of them the first time, and 3 of them the second time. Benefit of being a gnome? Escape artist on that fight can save you if you get a late jump. Click it. Run fast.

Oh, and when the elementals are up, go ahead, intercept the one near the wall, it will get you there quicker.

We had to pug 5 people for the run, so I wouldn't really call it a KoU run, but... yeah.

The KoUers were solid as always, I was helping out a new Warlock get her feet wet raiding as well. We picked up a solid mage too. The other 3 puggers... were all kind of.... hmm. meh. The off tank warrior went and respec'd dps halfway through the raid (I said it was okay) and ended up doing less dps than when he was tanking. The rogue was doing decent trash damage, but terrible boss damage, and... well... died a lot.

And, cupcakes.

I learned something new, though.

Having two warriors and not an extra off healer on Shade, sucks.... yep. Sucks.

Big time.


If I do that type of run again, I will bring a 3rd healer.

One positive thing?

I made Owaru be ready to bring 3 different characters. Again.


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