Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Appraiser in a volatile market

Now, many people have taken up the glyph market... I'm going to give a quick tutorial on how to use Appriaser to get the most profits possible each time you list.

You see, the problem with the glyph market is that it is BY FAR the most volatile market WoW has ever seen.

Glyphs, for the same materials cost, can vary in price, daily, from 50g down to 1-2g easily.

Now, the first thing you want to decide is what your ceiling price, and your basement prices will be.

Say you want your ceiling price to be 400g, and your basement price to go all the way down to 0.

Now, go in, and check your undercut options. For your "market price" you will be using a FIXED PRICE, so if you set that up to be 100% over, in my example, your fixed price would then be 200g.

If you only wanted to sell above 2g then, you'd adjust the top slider to 99% instead of 100%. You can then choose how much to undercut by, I just choose 1% for simplicity. You can choose 1 silver or 1 copper or whatever if you want.

Now, you need to set up Appraiser itself for batch posting. First, you need to change each item to fixed pricing, instead of market pricing, by changing the Pricing model to use: to fixed

Then, you need to input your fixed price (remember, if you have it set to 100% markup, you want to use 1/2 your max price).

And lastly, you click the 'enable price matching' box.

You can change any of the other settings you like, but what this has done is if none of the items are listed (like in this example) it will list for 400g buyout.

If items are listed, it will undercut the lowest one by 1%.
Questions? Comments?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Flame Leviathan flash cards

Now, our guild doing 10-man, we run with only 1 motor cycle, and take the extra person and pop them in a demolisher, so the Demo's always have a passenger for speed boosts and to scoop up extra pyrite.

Rules for Flame Leviathan:

Siege Drivers: You have 2 jobs. 1, run away when you're targeted and 2, interrupt flame vents. YOUR DPS SUCKS. So stop trying to hit flame levi with your ram and do your job.

Siege Gunners: DPS Flame levi when he's overloaded, otherwise, you're lighting fires, and shooting down pyrite.

Demo Drivers: You are the dps machines. MACHINES! Your job? Run when you're targeted. If you're not targeted, get to a spot away from whomever he's chasing, and keep rolling pyrite stacks. You see, its that wonderful pyrite that does the HUGE damage to flame levi. And its not just the shots of it. Its the rolling dot-stack on him. This means you also need to be aware of where the pyrite is, and move near it so your passenger can scoop up more. Try not to get below 25, so your passenger can speed boost you.

Demo Passengers: You have three jobs, scoop up more pyrite whenever possible, speed boost if needed, and shoot down pyrite from the air whenever possible as well.

Motorcycle drivers: You've got two jobs... try to lay tar in front of flame levi, and pick up passengers. When you can't do those two things... stay the heck away from him to avoid flame jets. Your puny gun is not worth dpsing with.

That's my tips and information on Flame Levi. For me, these simple rules allow us to down Flame Levi + 2 so far, with no one dying. We might try + 3 this week.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why is it....

You can carry 1000 arrows, 20 flasks.... but only 10 ankh's, 5 infernal stones, 5 demonic figurines.... and ONE FREAKING SOUL SHARD?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kologarn and Melee

A quick post for my melee friends, on Kologarn and how to do AWESOME WTF DPS on him.

If you follow my simple guide and use your uber aoe attacks (whirlwind, sweeping strikes, DnD, consecrate, whatever rogues do...) you'll finally beat those mages on the DPS meters.

Kologarn has 3 targets, his body, his right arm and his left arm. His right arm will be your constant focus, when its up, but... the important thing to realize, is all 3 of his hit boxes are stacked up on one another, and if you stand right by the tank, and face his chest, you will be in range and able to see all 3 targets without moving. You can even stand right beneath his left arm and hit all 3 targets as well.

Poorly drawn diagram:

Hope this makes sense to everyone! I am not sure if Hunters can trapdance and drop their trap right under his chest... but it might be worth a try!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pos's guide to Flame Leviathon

There are 5 different jobs on flame levi, each with its own requirements.

Siege Drivers: Pilot the siege engines, drive 'em around to where ever you're supposed to.

Siege Gunners: Anti air and anti ground gunners. The anti-air can light the oil slicks on fire **this is HUGELY important, it does a TON of damage**. Probably the best spot for those who aren't used to, or don't enjoy vehicle fights.

Demo Drivers: Pilot the demo's, launch pyrite barrels for major damage when Flame Levi is stunned

Demo Gunners: Most unique position, get launched onto Flame Levi's back, probably want to ranged dps and a healer (hunters are a bad choice, though)

Motorbike drivers: 2 jobs: 1) lay oil slicks on the path of the boss, and 2) pick up the parachuted demo-gunners when they get tossed from the back of flame leviathon.

Now, you can find strats elsewhere, but I've made a diagram, the idea being, to show how to properly kite flame levi.

Now, the first panel shows the initial setup. And, in this theoretical, I'm only dealing with when a demo is picked to be chased.

At the intiial aggro, the person being chased heads to the corner opposite where you start. You'll go a tiny bit south once you get there, but thats okay.

In the second one, you can see where the Demo's should have set up, right along the kite path to his NE, at max range of their guns.

If one of them is picked, they go right to the corner, and just wait. This entire time, motor cycles are laying down oil slicks and he's getting burnt to a crisp.

As he's chasing that Demo, the other demo's slide around, behind him, once again moving to max range.

Now, obviously, this isn't perfect, if he gets stunned at a bad time or in a bad place, he'll end up chasing someone on a short side, and catching them pretty good... but, if you can keep a solid kite line, and keep running him over oil slicks, he should die quick.

When he doesn't die quick, its because he's being kited all over timbucktu in a circle because no one moves to the right spots!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pos's guide to Valiant Jousting

I know a lot of people are having problems with the Jousting to get your valiant coins, so I'm going to make a quick and dirty guide to how I've figured out how to do it.

Step 1) Get 3 shields up on yourself. Whenever you lose one, hit that shield button. The damage reduction is huge.

Step 2) begin the match. When the match starts the valiant will walk towards the center. Let them do this, and start mashing your 3-key (charge). As soon as they are far enough away, you will charge at them and hit them for a good chunk of damage.

3) As soon as you start to charge, start mashing the 2-key (Shield Breaker), because what happens is, you'll charge past them, run in a small half circle (you may have to use mouse-look to spin just a bit to get off the Shield Break) and bam, you've got your opponent down to 0 armor.

4) get back into melee range and mash that 1-key, putting your shields back up if you need to.

Rinse and repeat steps 2 through 4 each time your opponent moves away from you, remembering to keep your shields up as well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blizzard Hate

I'm not one to rag on blizzard, but I'm sick of getting saved to cleared instances.

I mean, you should at least need to kill a mob to get saved, right?

Not in Eye of Eternity.

You see, I was raid leading a second group for 10-man Malygos. We had our guild leader there -- not zoned in, not going to zone in, he was saved to our previous run, and wasn't assist, wasn't raid leader, he was there to make flasks for the raid, I zoned in, so did another healer... yep. Saved.

No mobs. Nothing available to kill in the zone.

Still. Got. Saved.


Oh well, we did one shot him on the early raid. That was awesome.