Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Appraiser in a volatile market

Now, many people have taken up the glyph market... I'm going to give a quick tutorial on how to use Appriaser to get the most profits possible each time you list.

You see, the problem with the glyph market is that it is BY FAR the most volatile market WoW has ever seen.

Glyphs, for the same materials cost, can vary in price, daily, from 50g down to 1-2g easily.

Now, the first thing you want to decide is what your ceiling price, and your basement prices will be.

Say you want your ceiling price to be 400g, and your basement price to go all the way down to 0.

Now, go in, and check your undercut options. For your "market price" you will be using a FIXED PRICE, so if you set that up to be 100% over, in my example, your fixed price would then be 200g.

If you only wanted to sell above 2g then, you'd adjust the top slider to 99% instead of 100%. You can then choose how much to undercut by, I just choose 1% for simplicity. You can choose 1 silver or 1 copper or whatever if you want.

Now, you need to set up Appraiser itself for batch posting. First, you need to change each item to fixed pricing, instead of market pricing, by changing the Pricing model to use: to fixed

Then, you need to input your fixed price (remember, if you have it set to 100% markup, you want to use 1/2 your max price).

And lastly, you click the 'enable price matching' box.

You can change any of the other settings you like, but what this has done is if none of the items are listed (like in this example) it will list for 400g buyout.

If items are listed, it will undercut the lowest one by 1%.
Questions? Comments?