Sunday, July 13, 2008

I don't have a main anymore...

It used to be, I had a main. It was a Shaman. Level 60. Geared in greens & blues. Matoskah, I was enhancement, and waded in with my totems and beat stuff down.

Then came Tulu. Tulu was a troll mage. He, to put it simply, rocked.

Leveled fast, aoe style, uber pwning all the mobs. The best was whooping up the slow green guys pre-Mauradon nerf. 5 levels, averaging 4hrs/level. Mind you, this was before quest experience got the huge bump :)

Tulu was purpled out, at 60, mostly bwl gear, with bits from MC still. Then came the expansion. I was busy, fell behind in rep grinds, and couldn't keep up with my guildies who were running heroics, and Karazhan. I took a very long hiatus from the game then (about a year).

Came back, new server, and found my mid-30's Warlock. Gnome. Absitively. Started leveling. Leveled mad-crazy-fast.

About level 63, I pugged with a really bossy druid tank in Slave Pens. Plus a shaman healer. Plus a really sketchy hunter.

Joined their guild. Got ran through the mount quest. I was shocked how nice these guys were being to me. It was awesome.

Leveled to 70. Busted. my. butt.
Started running Kara. Loved it. Got Abs almost as geared as I could. Now he's a tad better geared. Simply, he's awesome.

Decided I wanted an alt. Posolutely began to be leveled. Shot up to 60 faster than Boon shoots with a dwarf paladin.

Started tanking. Loved it. Practiced. Read. Instanced. Hit 70, barely having quested in Nagrand.

Blued out. Started collecting purples. Started tanking heroics. Ran SSO dailies like crazy (thanks Tasogare).

Started tanking Kara. Started running with Gruuls/Mags pugs. Suddenly, all in purples (well... aside from 1 ring, and 1 trinket...).

Now, I'm the main tank for our guild. Sort of. There's an uber pally who is also our main tank. :)

So here I am, reading about Wrath of the Lich King, and I have no idea which char I will take to 80 first. Which I will want to instance with. I'm even leveling a druid up now, for a healer. I don't know if I'll make it to 70 with him or not (the spriest experiment is on hold... for a little while), but we'll see.

Then when wrath comes out, there will be a 3rd gnome added into the mix. Yes. I will be making a Death Knight. I'm still debating on the name.

Any suggestions?

I keep thinking... bring... pink haired gnome female named Splendiferous. I don't know if I can do it though.

Maybe... Geronignome?

Ha. Terrible.


You wake it, you tank it. said...

My God Man! It was Mana Tombs, not Slave Pens!!!

K said...

I am not bossy! And if someone would let me run Karazan once in a while, I'd be a main tank too!


Absitively & Posolutely said...

I swear it was either slave pens or Underbog... but, maybe I'm totally wrong.

Check the logs.

And K, you can run it anytime, really. I have no problems bringing Abs. Just no Nightbane attempts (we could try Spite though).