Monday, July 7, 2008

ZA.... my bane.

So close, yet so far...

We downed the bear boss again, 1 badge, 1 loot... plate healing helm, which went to our pally tank for offset, as our pally healer didn't need it. Then, we decided to go to the Lynx boss, instead of Akilzon. We freed the troll, and let a few people get +15 stam gems for finishing that quest, and then we rolled on over to the Lynx. We made 4.25 attempts at him (really... the first one doesn't count, as Pos was down within 20 seconds of the fight starting).

Our second attempt was the best, we got him down to 25%, but we'd lost a DPS early, and another later, and our healers eventually got drained of mana, and couldn't keep the tanks up.

I'm honestly not sure if we can do these fights yet. We're close, I think myself and Owaru are there, and ready. I think our DPS is close to being ready, and I think our healers are ready. The problem is, we're all just barely ready, and when 10 people are like that, it makes it really tough and everything must go flawlessly for us to beat an encounter.

Do I think we can do it? Yes, I truly do, and I'm glad people aren't getting frustrated, and I'm glad we are learning the encounters.

I feel as though we have the squad, but we aren't quite getting there... and I feel as though that makes it my fault.

Admittedly, I don't know the pulls as well as I should. I'm terrible at keeping my shouts up as a warrior. I've finally been working a lot harder at keeping thunderclap and demo shout up on the bosses.

Pos got a belt upgrade. I don't know if it was the belt, or the belt + boots combo, but my threat generation has been crazy now. I'm sure our hunters MD's help a ton (I don't even ask for them anymore, they just happen), but I'm doing about 600+ tps, which means with Salv, I easily out distance anyone doing under 800 dps (who has salv...).

Getting there. Slowly.

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

ZA is hard. Especially as a progression raid for a small guild. For starters since we're so small, we're skipping Gruuls and Mags. Which means some people have holes in their gear that has to be filled. The best way to fill those holes will be with badge gear. Which makes Karazhan badge runs a very serious thing for us.

However we also have fresh 70s who are working on gear and trying to get into Karazhan. So we have a bit of a balancing act to manage. What it might mean, is having the core members run double duty. Which is going to be very difficult for us. Filling two Kara groups won't be easy, but neither will the fallout from gearing the ZA group over the new 70s. We want our guildies and friends to get experience and we don't want to have the "rich get richer" feeling.

I don't feel we have the DPS for Halazzi yet. I do feel we can take the Eagle and in time, both the chests for the Bear and the Eagle.

And i don't think anyone is getting worn out in ZA. I think people are seeing it as fresh and exciting. However, we might need to come up with some minimum stats like we did for Kara.