Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kara and ZA

Kara & ZA

So, we ran them again. Kara on Saturday, ZA on Sunday. Times were good. We tried Nightbane on Saturday, despite not having a hunter and not having a paladin tank. We did very well, all things considered. Since Owaru and Nesh had people randomly show up at their house, we ended up having to pug a healer and a DPS.... well, actually, 2 dps, as Wolf had to bail as well.

Picked up a shadow priest (Exorcist - great name) who was awesome, a Rogue who was cool (Dakston), and a healy Druid named Vinxx, who I'm pretty sure is insane.

Vinxx ended up joining the guild, that very night and seems a good fit for KoU.

Well, we ran the first 4 bosses smoothly, without a wipe, I believe. Although Jerkfase kept dying. I honestly have no idea how he dies so much. I really and truly don't. Thats two runs in a row where he had a few random deaths.

We went to the back door then, and ran right for Nightbane. Time to try him. Paladin tank for the skeletons? Nope. Hunter to MD Nightbane when he lands? Nope. Oh, what the heck, lets try it anyway.

So we did.

We failed, got him to 24% though, which was pretty good considering we had pretty much the worst possible makeup to try him.

The best part? When our druid battle rezzed Jerkfase, and Nightbane just decided to... well... run away from me, and go plunk him. Yep. He died. Twice, within 30 seconds. High comedy (at least, for Antiplatty).

So we rolled on the rest of the way, up until Prince, where we wiped once. Mostly due to whomever was tanking him being stupid and forgetting to keep Thunderclap up during phase 2 and then eating a crushing blow as a result.

I wonder who that was?

*whistles innocently*

So, along came Sunday.


We're gonna roll and try to get the Bear boss. Get him quick. Get the first chest.

We roll in, a solid 10-some. We were short 1 DPS going in, as Antiplatty wasn't feeling well, but the amazing Yelena happened to log on at the perfect time (plus we were short a mage!!).

We head to the Bear boss. We are cruising. I mean. Rolling. Fast. We get to the last pull before the Bear boss, and my mobs go down, then suddenly people start dropping. People are on the wrong target. Healers die. So close. We wipe. We run back in, but the damage is done. The bear has won.

Well, sort of. We went back and whooped him up.

Pos got new boots.

We went onto the Eagle boss, wiped once getting to him (stupid gauntlet, silly warlock went explodie, then splat).

So we get to the Eagle boss.

We wipe. We wipe. We get him to 18%, we collapse. We wait. He doesn't call storm. We wait. We wait. Finally, at 14% he casts storm. We wipe, as we'd been standing on top of each other for 45 seconds.

I'm gonna read up more on strats, and try to figure out what to do.

Just... randomness wiped us. We had him.

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