Monday, June 23, 2008

Zul Aman: Initial Excursion

Well. For the first time, I led a raid that I knew going in would wipe multiple times. I was a bit nervous about it. I went over the fights again and again (even though I'd done them a bunch of times already), and got all set up to roll.

I brought Abs in, because I totally screwed up and managed to get Pos saved to ZA the day before. I blame Blizz. The timer went from 12 hours to reset to 2 days overnight. Needless to say, I was a bit peeved on that one. Kathe filled in awesomely, as always.

I had a friend of mine, a Healadin, come in for heals. She'd been interested in joining KoU so I figured, what a good way to get her to meet the group. I told her it was progression. I told her we'd run 2 hours. Well, 1/3rd of the way through, after our 2nd wipe on the last pull before Nalorakk, she sent me a tell "If we wipe again, I'm leaving" well, we didn't wipe again, and she left anyway, as soon as we downed the first boss without a word.

I wasn't exactly happy. Although, I kept it to myself. I won't be grouping with her again anytime soon.

Anyway, our crew.... Owaru and Kathe as tanks. Two of the best healers ever in Boon and Orzag (although one of them has an ego problem, and one is as humble as.... umm.... who's really humble?) DPSers: Absitively, Ravensfire, Neshura, Wolfinme, Harikin.

We only had real problems with the last pull before the bear boss (Owaru kept dying, I blame Boon) once we had it down, and I seduced, we were alright. We one shotted Nalorakk, with one awesome move by Owaru, who bubbled with Kathe's taunt was resisted.

Just... <3 his mad skills.

Ravensfire got a new belt (yeah, maybe I'll link it eventually), but I'm lazy and I'm tired tonight... and K wants more posts.

Then, we ran the gauntlet. I completely messed up my explanations to people on what to kill and such, I don't think I was quite clear enough.

We got to the top our first attempt, but just got overwhelmed as a couple people (myself the aoe-er included) went down.

Second time, I tried to give out new orders, but, yeah. I sucked at that too.

Third time, I got everything right, and we kicked ass. It felt smooooooooooth

Then we tried the Eagle boss.
We got him to 54%, but our DPS was a bit on the low side (3 money DPSers were there, 2 of our Kara ready but-not-kara-Geared dpsers were there at that point)

We pulled Kathe out of tanking, and made her heal. In retrospect we might've brought in Kikidas instead, but we didn't plan ahead for that.

3 wipes, and we ran out of time on the boss, and the gauntlet respawned and we called it.

It was a good learning experience. I'm excited for our next run.

I plan to go for the first timed chest from the first boss. Which loot is amazing!

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K said...

Jerkfase and Antiplatty are interested in coming. I explained it's progression and only 2 hours. They seemed fine with it.

They say they like to run with us. Which is odd. I think they're insane or something.

But.. yeah.