Friday, June 6, 2008

Being a Raid Leader...

First off... like the new logo? Been playing with Photoshop and wow-model-viewer lately.

I've become my guild's raid leader. Admittedly, we aren't running much new content, just Kara as of right now, with a push to go into ZA on the horizon.

I haven't had many problems being a leader, now, maybe thats because of how I am. Maybe its because our guild is so small, there's no drama. Maybe its because we've only run trivial content.

Every raid, I am a bit nervous. Every raid, I try to delegate certain responsibilities: If I'm tanking, I won't master loot. That's a DPS's job. I'll mark, pull, and go over basic reminders for boss fights.

If I'm DPSing, I leave the marking to the tanks, I play loot master, and I try to keep the raid moving... "Everyone but me, go start the next trash pulls while we figure out loot"

I'm especially nervous now about ZA. I'm worried that this group of people, who's used to rolling through Kara will get frustrated when we try to pull off a 'progression' type of run.

I think I can keep it together, though. What I'm most worried about it getting talked over. Getting 87 different suggestions on strategies. I'm worried I'll have to lay the hammer down. "This is how I want it done, so lets do it that way."

I'm a dynamic person and up for suggestions, but, sometimes, they just aren't viable. a 2-healer approach for Netherspite has to be different than a 3-healer one.

I get to see, soon hopefully, how well our guild can perform with progression fights.

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