Sunday, June 8, 2008

Server Crashes, Karazhan and Pugs

With Alleria once again hiccuping (hooray!) and me not being able to get my last 15 badges for new pants for Pos, I'm just gonna type up another post.

Yes. I'm awesome. I am posting all the time now. Soon, I'll be posting even more than K.

We ran Kara yesterday, it was good... K and I tanked. Boon healed. Jerkfase came and picked up with us and healed.
Strange things happened though. The priest kept dying. I don't know how, or why, but he kept dying. 3 or 4 times just on the way to Attunmen. I'd never seen that before. I couldn't figure out what was going on or why he was dying.

It wasn't to the Chargers, either.

The run took just under 4 hours. We wiped once on Opera (Oz) and twice on Shade. Those 3 wipes added almost an extra hour to the raid.

Today, I joined a 'guild Kara run' on Abs. Well, 2 hours in, with no wipes, we downed Maiden.

I left after that. It was agonizing. We sat there for 15 minutes after Attunmen died while they tried to decide loot. I tried to speed things up. They had a 17khp unbuffed uber warrior tank there. He tried to speed things up. Everything just plodded. People weren't drinking. People weren't listening. No one was moving with the tank. All because the 'raid leader' really had no clue what he was doing. I watched a priest run around in circles on Maiden, trying to decurse people. Everyone was on the step, I told him he should be on the step too, but he insisted on running around in circles.

I had my 5 badges, Abs went and bought his 100 boj robe. Got a Great Lionseye to put in it.

Yep. Thats all I've got for today. We'll see if K can come up with some fancy links now that I've tried to teach her how...

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K said...

The pressure, the pressure, I don't think I can stand it!