Friday, June 20, 2008

Lan Parties and (more) Pugs

Since my HD died, and I've been crazy busy, I haven't been online really, since Monday. I wanted to do a quick recap. Saturday, we were supposed to do Kara, 7 people signed up, we knew we had 2 more, no problem. We can roll on through and snag one pugger.

Well, I agreed to jam w/ some friends, at their place, and run the raid from their place. I ended up having a blast... except... no one logged on. It was a bit crazy. 5 of the 9 didn't log on, so, we weren't gonna pug with 4 people :)

We ran heroic Shattered hell insead. It was the daily. It was a pain. All in all... it sucked... but we finished it. Yet, it was one of my best experinces to date in Warcraft. I'd never been sitting next to the people I'm playing with before. That in itself, was a total blast. I can see how playing Quake at LAN parties was so much fun for my friends back in the day.

I think I'll definitely have to run the whole lan party thing again with them when we have a for-sure Kara raid set up.

Abs ended up pugging Kara with a random group.... Well, it was a bit rediculous. 20 badges (didn't kill Nighbane) in just over 2.5 hours. It took our 5-some almost that long to finish Heroic Shattered Halls.

One of the DPS was running under 700. He was the enhancement shaman who wouldn't get on vent, and died on every boss fight in every way you could as a melee. Not running out during Prince... or during Shade's arcane explosions. Everyone was actually glad when he died there... as he wouldn't kill us with Flame wreath.

2 healers, 1 pally tank, 1 fury war with a shield, 6 other dps. Abs was 2nd from the bottom. It made me really appreciate how well some pugs can work... and how terrible others can be... and how 70's can be way over geared for Kara.

The guy running it was solid, knew the fights and trusted people not to mess up.

As a comparison: the two pug raids Pos joined. 1 on Mags, one on Gruuls, both run by the same mage... we'll call him... T.Toes, wait, that's too obvious, we can go with Tipp T. It was a "Hi, invite me" type of raid, no one was geared, half the people didn't know the fights, and... yeah. When NONE of the DPSers are putting out enough DPS for Kara, you're not gonna do well. I left after the 3rd wipe on Mags. After the first to High King in Gruuls. It was.. well... pathetic.

There were at least 3 Channelers still up each time Mag spawned, only 2 dpsers were doing over 500 DPS. 500! Thats what a 70 in all blues puts out. Only 2 others were doing over 450. As I said as I left, "If you're running Mags with DPS that couldn't handle Kara, you aren't gonna down Mags"

Sigh. Oh well. Hopefully I can run tomorrow with Resolve.

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