Friday, June 20, 2008

All time top 5 wipes....

New job, new training, less wow... so, I'm blogging..

I was reading through old posts by my favorite tankadin (Owaru) and I read about his 5 worst wipes.
Well...I do like all time, top 5 lists, so, I figured I would post one of my own.
Now, these may or may not have been my own fault.. they are just the 5 best that I remember.

5) BWL - First Boss
A quick explanation for the uninformed we were doing Razorgore, this fight is part of one of the level 60 40-man raid zones. It was, needless to say, a heck of a lot of fun, but also a royal pain in the rear. A fight, unlike most, that you could lose on, even when very much over geared. My guild was doing forays into Naxx at the time (I wasn't attuned, being a late-to-get-60er, didn't have AD rep), we were, way over geared for the first boss. So, the pull came. As dps, I was assigned to kill caster spawns in one of the corners and sheep if needed. Then, things started happening. Our kiter died. Our secondary kiter died. We couldn't figure out what was going on. We had a trio of healers that was nutorious (due to RL constraints) for getting there exactly at raid time, no earlier. This night was no exception. They log on, get invited, zone in, we pull less than a minute later.
Until 3 of our 10 healers spoke up after the pull... and wipe... "Um, guys, we thought you were around the corner, we were talking in /heal channel.... we're not in the same raid instance as you."

The lesson? Sometimes, it isn't the healers fault he didn't heal you.

4) The Intentional Wipe
Sometimes, when I'm with friends, I goof around. I screw around. I mess around. I do silly things. While we're talking on vent, and certian people are talking smack, sometimes I don't talk smack back... I just... well... get everyone killed.
A really good place to do this is normal Slabs. See, with a group thats used to running heroics, and cruising through them, its hard to get killed in normal slabs. I happened to be running with a Pally tank and another warlock, (for anonymity's sake, lets call them K. Iltic and T. Iandrah) and we were in the room before the 2nd boss (the 5-6 mob pull rooms). Well, the pally wanted no CC. He was going on and on about how easy it was doing normal speed runs and how he'd never die... (our Priest, wonderful Orzag, was keeping him up, like a champ) So, while the pally was tanking the first pull (the medusa looking chick) I whispered Orzag "I think he needs to die" Orzag said "Not on my watch!" "Close your eyes, or... run to the zone then"
At which point, I ran out, cast curse of shadows on the mobs on either side of the door, sent my pet to attack a 3rd pack, and then ran for the zone... right across the paladins consecrate. Giving him a /say PAYBACK! as I ran by (see #1 for what the payback is from)
Yes. I am. Awesome.
The lesson? Bubble Hearth can't save you when you just used your bubble.

3) Agony in Heroic Slabs
The scene: Pos tanking. Kiljara was there healing. I'm pretty sure Owaru was there in some form or another (maybe he replaced Dhark?) We'd pugged a rogue. Opalure. Pugged another DPS, I believe.
We went along fairly well. Pos is a good tank, he can handle heroics no problem and multi-tank mobs, no problem.
We got to Murmur. Murmur on heroic is a royal pain. We wiped the first time, because 2 of our DPS died on the first Sonic Boom.
We wiped the second time because 2 of our dps died on the first Sonic Boom.
We wiped the 3rd time, because 2 of our dps died on the first Sonic Boom.
(sending a pattern yet?)

The Rogue died. Every time. EVERY TIME. On the first sonic boom. One of our DPS left (not the Rogue). We replaced him with an ex guildie hunter. Solid guy.
He came in. Kept dying, first or second Sonic Boom. The Rogue was becoming very abraisive to our suggestions on how to avoid getting killed. Refused to change. "What I'm doing should work, because it should work" was his attitude. That just reminded me of our old raid leader.
I refuse to boot people from pugs, especially on the last boss of a daily. So, we kept trying.
Finally, on the 7th or 8th try, Kiljara, Tasogare and I managed to knock off the last few (8... so... 1/5th of his life) percent by ourselves.
I haven't gone back to heroic slabs since. F you Murmur.

The Lesson? There really are some DPS worse than Dhark.

2) Karazhan Chaos. Lots of wipes in Kara, lots of things have happened. Still, the biggest WTF moment I've ever experienced came in a pug. We were buffing outside of Shade's room, when suddenly, ALL of the spell shades showed up. Like 20 of them. And whooped us all.
Now, apparently, this is a (link) known bug, but, still. It sucked. Royally. I mean. Really. Longest run back for a bug wipe ever.

The Lesson? It happens. What, shit? Sometimes.

1) The Punting (sounds like a bad horror movie, doesn't it?... yes, I've trademarked it)
The scene: Heroic Blood Furnace. Just before the 2nd boss.
I'm pretty sure we are clearing the room out to get to the (hellish) second boss. Bad pull. 6 mobs instead of 3. We run. Its not far to the zone. Abs, being the good gnome he is, pauses, and casts aoe fear to get the mobs off the Paladin. We run. Mobs are still beating on the Paladin. We're running down the stairs, right near the zone....
Paladin bubbles.

What do the mobs do? They switch to the loyal, amazing, wonderful gnome warlock. Now, those warrior mobs, they do a big knockback. When you're running down the stairs... .its a really big... flying... knockback. Abs got punted down the stairs to his death. They punted the gnome.

The lesson? Never, ever, ever trust a Paladin.


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