Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Future Gear Goals, Badge Things I want:

So, both Abs and Pos have a lot of badges.

85 and 65 respectively. Now the question comes, what do I do with them?

With Abs, the choice is relatively easy. He's saving up 100 badges for the uber new badge chest piece.

After that, he'll save up for new gloves and new boots.

So, he's short, 165 badges.

Future gear goals: As Abs has given up on ever getting a t4 chest... the goals now slide to what we may be able to complete and what I may be able to pug.

Drops off of Void Reaver (helm and t5 shoulders) are within Abs's reach, as are a few drops from ZA.

Pos, on the other hand.... well... I have no idea. I'm going to start knocking things off the BoJ pick list over at tankingtips.com, but I'm not sure what order to go in. Right now I'm debating if I go for the (current) belt, or the (current) legs first.

Suggestions are welcome. I'm leaning towards the belt.

As for Pos's future gear goals, I'm clueless. Really. I have started to look and hunt for upgrades, but other than the BP off of Nightbane I haven't seen many readily available pieces.

I'm just bad at looking, I suppose. Go go gadget... Badge of Justice maker!

Pos's slots & gear:

Helm: Freaking Uber.
Neck: Very nice from SSO
Shoulders: Blue, but very good (There's a tiny upgrade in Heroic Sethekk halls, but I hate that place)
Cloak: Pretty nice, especially for threat. Badge vendor has a couple upgrades.
BP: Mentioned.
Bracers: Badge Vendor, great for threat.
Gloves: Off of Maiden, equivalent to t4.
Belt: Mentioned.
Pants: Mentioned.
Boots: Kara random drop. Battlescar Boots from Chess would be nice.
Rings: Are pretty gosh darned good, but once again: badges.
Trinkets: I don't see upgrading these anytime soon.

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