Monday, August 4, 2008

The C word....

No, not that one. The one Joe Morgan always uses. Consistency. That's what I'm loving from my current crew. This week, we brought in a couple new people to Kara, and a couple new people to ZA. Grancoso off tanked and backup healed Kara (and did awesome in both roles) and Janril brought her priesty healing ways, and Wizo brought his Shadowy preistyness.

The Kara run was smooth, we only had 5 wipes. The problem was, they were all on Shade and Prince (the two longest runs back possible in Kara) so the run ran a little bit long.

We did well, 3 new people, 2 of whom had never been past Curator (I think) and Wizo had never been in there, period.

Two new maces for our priests, and an epic dps battle between the two Mages and the Warlock. Of course, the Warlock won... but, Abs is way better geared than both of those mages. Can't wait for them to catch up. Seriously.

We didn't go after Netherspite, as it was really late (Midnight Server) and it was just... time to call it.

Sunday was ZA. We had the first chest. I mean, we wtfpwned and had it. Locked up.

Until... the two tanks decided to not stack on each other and Pos ate an 11k hit which was supposed to be swiped between two people :)

Yes, even the Gnometastic one screws up from time to time.

We got him down on the 3rd try, the second try, Owaru died due to the bears aoe silence, and our paladin healer being a total incompetent... at least, that's what I thought.

Then, onto Akil'zon.

We one shotted the gauntlet for the first time, and we got Akil'zon down on the 3rd attempt. The sound trick is amazingly helpful and collapses went smooth. The first wipe was my fault (Again...) because I ran through the Eagle bastard instead of backing up to the collapse spot and ate two crushing blows as a result (get hit in the back, you can get crushed) I forgot he crushes, some of the bosses in ZA don't.

Second wipe, we lost a healer who got lightninigninged twice in a row very early, but we still got him down to 10%. Had we not lost a second healer to the same thing at 20% we would've won.

Third time was a charm, and Pos got another DPS item. Hooray? DPS plate chest piece. I think they really want me to go Fury.

Almost as bad as Karazhan wants Kathe to go TREE.

On another note, Androgynist the Druid hit level 24. I'm still debating... to 70 or not to 70. I don't know that I have the desire to push that hard.

Until next time... something to ponder....

Should KoU start leading pug runs for Sunwell trash? :)

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