Monday, August 18, 2008

Being a better tank (part 1)

One thing people have to get used to when they become a new tank is that you're sort of forced into the group leader role. Having once been a new tank myself, I can sort of tell those who aren't that experienced with the role. Key signs being:
Not wanting to mark (Although, admitting this can be the sign of a good tank too, oddly), not wanting to tank more than one mob at a time, marking, but not explaining which mark is which (don't assume, people).

The single, biggest sign of an inexperienced tank?
Taking way too long between pulls.

Now, if you don't know the instance so you don't want to mark... Say so upfront. If someone has a problem running with you being inexperienced (unless, say, its heroic MrT or something), then screw them you don't want them in your group anyway.
I shouldn't really be saying that, I've been known to pull out of groups from time to time as Pos, simply because I have had too many times where I've farmed repair bills in heroics. I pulled out of one on Sunday. Heroic MrT was the daily, and we had a 4 some, but it was resetting in an hour... so we decided to try to get to the second boss (a good goal, y'know).
When no one listened to my targetting, and nothing got cc'd on the first pull, I left. When you say, "Moon = sheep. Square = trap, kill the imp first, then move to skull then x" It should be clear that I don't mean "Shoot X with multishot right away, and nuke skull with a pom pyroblast leave moon unsheeped and don't trap square and let the imp kill the priest" Right? I mean... c'mon.

Learn to mark. No, I don't even mean learn which mobs to kill first and which to have CC'd, but learn that melee mobs are for hunters to trap. Caster mobs are to be sheeped or sapped. learn to Line of sight pull. Use corners. Distance (yes, sometimes shooting and executing a Boon maneuver is a good choice).
What I mean by learning to mark is... SET HOTKEYS TO MARK. I have the marks mapped to my numpad, 1-8 with 0 being the clear button. The faster you can mark mobs the sooner everyone can target, the sooner the hunter can lay their first trap, the sooner you can pull.
A slow instance run can be as much due to screw ups (or simply being undergeared), as due to not marking quickly and taking too long between pulls.
Which is another tip, keep things moving. If your dps and healer aren't drinking right after you leave combat, well, then they are ready for another pull. If they aren't, thats their fault... but be careful doing too many chain pulls, you can make certain people's heads explode.
(to be continued....)

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