Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fury = Sleepy

So, I went fury last night, and DPS'd in a heroic instance.

Holy crap that was boring.

With CC and such, I wasn't able to Whirlwind hardly at all, so basically I melee'd white damage, and hit my bloodthirst cooldown whenever it was up.

Now, I put out about 400 dps, which is pathetic, and I feel as though I should be doing way, way more than that given that I'm in about half purple DPS warrior gear and have 2 90 dps weapons - I even filled my leftover tanking spots with +str greens from the AH, not ideal, but still.

I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong. I was at 1300 AP unbuffed, and yes, I'm using heroic strike when I'm over 50 rage, but I felt very rage starved most fights. I read the forums, the builds, the suggestions over at tankspot.com and came up with something I thought I would enjoy.

I do enjoy it, for farming or questing, but in instances... I could fall asleep. Which I did. Twice.

More power to the Furies (not furries) who can do it well, but pushing one button and casting a shout every two minutes and offering no utility what so ever made me feel really pointless in a 5 man.