Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warlocking as 0/40/21 (Demonologist)

So, I thought, between my bi-weekly pvp respec's (we run monday night, then tuesday night to avoid respeccing every week - just once every 2 weeks).
So, I tried a new build. I wanted to try raiding with a Succubus, instead of a dark-pacting imp.
First off, for instancing... I LOVE the super-long seduces that the succi has. It makes me so much more effective as a CC.
Secondly, the succubus has no health. I mean, she goes down faster than a freshman on prom night, so I'm still figuring how to work my magic on aoe mobs.
I wasn't getting threat capped too often, and my casting rotation included basically, just immolate, CoE and shadowbolts.
In my first raid with her, running Karazhan, I topped 1100 DPS for the course of the raid.
Trash doesn't matter. I know. So let me go over the boss fights...

Attumen: Easy Peasy. Just send in the pet, and nuke away. This was the only time I got threat capped on a boss during the entire raid, I used my soul shatter while they were still split (and he was at 70%) out of habit, and then didn't have it to use once they joined.

Moroes: I sick'd the little lady on Moroes the entire time. She got killed, though, due to the whirl winding warrior, out of habit I resummoned my imp (duh, I don't have darkpact anymore) when he vanished, and then let impy nuke himself oom once I realized my folly.

Maiden: Summoned the imp for the -20% threat, let him nuke and cast both Immolate and Corruption and shadowbolted in between.

Opera (Big Bad Wolf) Had the pet on him the entire time and nuked away. She never died, I never was made to run (I don't think), I watched my threat very carefully (popped Shatter early), and keeled him good.

Curator: Soaked the bolts, put the lady on him the entire fight, she died early due to Flare damage. So, I was low on dps compared to normal, but I rocked anyway.

Illhoof: Sacrificed the pet, for the extra shadow damage because with the imps I doubt she would've lived long, and did my explodie thing.

Shade of Aran: Tried to keep the pet up this fight, but once she got targetted, she was dead. Fought the rest of the fight without a pet.

Chess: Lost the pet. But I was king for a day!

Prince: Tried to keep her up and I did pretty well for awhile, but she bit it to a shadow nova about 30% of the way in. I resummoned, and then kept her next to me the rest of the fight

Netherspite: Kept her up and on him the entire time, til she got killed because I didn't move her to the wall during the banish phase. Yep.

My initial thoughts:
Succubus is great on trash that doesn't cast aoe's.
Any boss that aoe's or targets randomly and she's dead. Might as well just sacrifice the pet.
What's the point of even having a warlock pet at 70? Yeah, I know. PVP, right?

So, anyone... tips? Suggestions? Don't tell me to go Destro. I am bored when I'm Destro. I won't go felguard either, I like Ruin too much. Back to affliction? I'll play more when I (hopefully) get to go to Kara this weekend. Even if I have to start my own run!

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Nic Williamson said...

Love seeing a fellow lock play around with non-standard builds!

I recently went 0/40/21 too, though with my imp super-buffed ( I call it Imp Spec =P) and I agree the most difficult thing about it is keeping him up. They really should make raiding with a pet (besides the Felguard) more viable, by making them less squishy! They WANT us to use our pets for raiding - why else does Imp give a -20% threat bonus?

Hasn't been much of a problem because I don't raid more than once or twice a week, but I'm not sure at this point it is a very good spec. Oh well, I keep it for fun and little change of pace from Destro.