Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yes, I know Whirlwind does more damage...

A slight rant....

I'm a warrior. I'm a tank. You're a warrior, you're dps. Now, you'd think, you'd have at least a very basic idea of how *my* threat generation works. Sadly, this hasn't seemed to be the case in my experience with DPS warriors.

1) My job, as a warrior tank, is in this order:
- Save the healers by keeping my threat on all targets above the healers
- Keep my threat above the DPS's on the current kill target (skull, then X guys, c'mon)
- Keep my threat above the DPS's on _all_ targets

Now, mind you, that 3rd one, I hardly ever worry about. I'm not an aoe tank (although, that may change a tad during wrath), I can hold aggro on 4+ mobs as long as the dps is smart.

I'm not an idiot for you getting aggro on 2 mobs when you decide to sweeping strikes, cleave, and Whirlwind. Its not my job to keep that much threat on 4 mobs. Its my job to keep enough threat on 4 mobs so the healer doesn't get smooshed.

So, please, all you DPS warriors (and Rogues for that matter) stop using those multi-mob targets while I'm tanking.

"Lrn2tank" is not a proper response when I let you die on the 4th pull after I told you 3 times to stop doing that.

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K said...

Bah! If you're AoE DPSing, then you had best be able to kill them before they turn and hit you! If you can't, then don't AoE.