Friday, October 24, 2008

Warlocking in 3.0

Now, I'm a warlock at heart. I love it. I love the idea of it. I loved it pre-level-60, and I loved rampaging and questing with my Fel Guard between 60 and 70. I loved going SL/SL and arena-ing. I loved running around with instant corruption, curse of agony and siphon life and dotting every mob I could find while running dailies and having not worrying about dying.

Right now? I'm feeling very lackadaisical towards my Warlock. No spec jumps out at me. No 51 point talent jumps out and says "I WANT THAT"....

Demon form... while it has the 'cool' factor, completely worthless in instances and pvp. Great for solo aoe farming, but.... really, what warlock does that?

Haunt is a good idea. I like the premise.... but... the way boss fights are now, at 70, its useless. Everything dies in under a minute, cycling 4-5 dots just isn't viable. Obviously this will change as things go forward, and I see myself leveling 51 point affliction and the rest in Demo (for soul link) and running around with a Fel Hunter most of the time.

I was hoping non-felguard pets might be usable. Let me rephrase. I was hoping non-felguard pets might be useful.

As it is, right now, Succubus is used for CC in instances. Felhunter might get used in raids now - but its still gonna die, cuz no healer will heal it and we can't kill our dps to channel a spell for 10 seconds to heal it up, because the pet ain't worth that.

Not that I'm bitter that the hunter pet heal is an instant cast hot or anything.

Big Blue? Useless without a bugged 51 point demonology talent. Tiny Green? Mana battery. Sure, he might be able to nuke a bit if you go destro, but he still has about 7 hit points and will splat as soon as any aoe goes off.

Maybe things will change as I level. Maybe arena-ing as a destro lock with instant seduce will change things for me. Who knows, really.... right?

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