Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Patch, Big Changes

Over at WoW Insider, the "Care and Handling of Warriors" (sorry, can't look it up for a link at work) has a great writeup on the changes of the warrior trees.

I'm supremely excited for the changes to the Prot tree.

I plan to play around with different specs, different builds, and all in all see how much I can make Kikidas giggle aoe tanking mobs.

Charge will be usable IN ALL STANCES! Amazing. That in itself makes being a tank that much better. Instead of starting a multi mob fight with 20 rage from bloodrage, you can get up to about 40 with a bloodrage+charge. HUGE difference.

Crushing Blows: Gone. Amazing. Its being changed from +3 levels to +4 levels, so bosses will no longer crush... as long as you're 70.

Strength is becoming much more important. Instead of 20:1 for block rating its becoming 2:1. Mind you, I'm still not sure if block rating will be useless or not for Warriors. I need to do more reading on that subject.

I've done *some* reading, but I am going to pick my points without much of a guide. Some defense will be lost with the re-distribution of points due to the gear changes in the patch (mostly due to Paladins tanking mechanics being changed). I am letting the patch decide if I save up for a 150 badge 2h weapon for Titans grip or if I get the 100 badge chest piece.

More to come on Warriors and Warlocks on Wednesday morning... (After testing Tuesday night)

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