Monday, October 6, 2008

So, while waiting for Wrath....

KoU decided to friggin DESTROY ZA.

We reserve Sunday nights for 2-hour (ie: less stressful) progression runs. In a guild as small as ours, Zul'Aman is progression for our 10 man crew.

Well, we fielded an amazing 10-man squad, and rolled into Zul'Aman.

We downed the Bear and the Eagle and ended up with 6 minutes remaining on the timer (16 after eagle died) and easily picked up two chests. (Hooray!) Then, we rolled on to Jan'Alai, and took him down on the third try, on our smoothest kill of him yet. We made one simple change to our strategy (wait to aoe the second platform of dragonhawks until after he shoots firey balls of doom) and, we owned him.

We'd done all that in just an hour and a half, so we decided to give the Lynx boss a shot.

Well, thats all it took. One try. One shot. Our healers were awesome, our DPS was great killing the totems, and our Mage... well, he basically solo'd the whole thing.

He ran over 1200 dps on the fight. 1200!!!! Without AOE!

I brought Abs to this party (After respeccing from SL/SL to Destro for the run) and kablammo'd my way into awesomeness.

I was only threat capped on the Bear boss, and thats because I shattered too soon -- should've waited, so I could've gone all out for the last 60% instead of toeing the line the whole time.

That, really, was my only real screw up. (self pat on the back)

Our crew consisted of two priests and a paladin healing, a druid and paladin tanking, and dpsing were an Elemental Shaman, frost Mage, Warlock (me!), a Rogue (who seemed to die a lot.... silly Gobblez) and a BM hunter.

Suddenly, I got infinitely more excited about Wrath.

Go figure.

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neshura said...

Notice how nothing happened until you went ahead and did your raid leader thing and got things started? That's because without our favorite lock, people just mill around helplessly! If you hadn't attended, there's a good chance we'd have stood around all useless-like for 2 hours in the ZA foyer.