Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things to know....

I love Halls of Lightning. Its simply a beautiful zone. You should pull to the right there, not the left when you come in, so if people want to take the short cut out, they can, without dying -- although killing two paladins... totally awesome.

Dear DPS,
I know you love to top the damage meters, but really, let me hit the mob first. I'm the tank. Having to blow my taunt every pull isn't exactly nice for me.

Dear Warlocks,
I know you love to cast Seed of Corruption. I love casting it too. You need to cast it on multiple mobs. Not just chain cast it on the Skull. I'm sorry to say, thats why you keep getting aggro, I can't do 12k worth of aggro on 4 mobs in 10 seconds. I'm sorry. It doesn't make me a bad tank. It makes you a bad warlock for doing 0 damage to the primary target.

Dear Healers,
Don't cast your big heal on me before I hit shockwave. Please. Thunderclap + Shockwave and I should have enough threat to keep the mobs off you. I'm running at 25k health, so even at 50% I have as much health as you do.


K said...

Dear Tank:



neshura said...

You can't spell "teamwork" without "amok". Any tank should have a reasonable expectation that the DPS will run as such. If they weren't such morons, they'd be tanking or healing, right? :-)