Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm bad at healing....

So, I'm a druid.


A NELF Dr00d, who loves to go boomkin and KABLOOEY stuff. Like crazy.

I've always found that if I really try to get good at something in game, I can pull it off (well, except for melee dpsing, I just can't get myself to really try to get good at that... wow, what a sentence)

I've become good at tanking, and I was as solid a caster DPSer as my guild had pre-expansion -- even when I ran affliction instead of Destro.

But healing... I just can't get. I am going to keep giving it a try, but thus far, unless my tank is way overgeared, boss fights have been a scramble. Admittedly... well, I'm not resto spec'd. I'm pure Boomkin. I need to go more of a hybrid build and try this out.

My biggest problem?

I forget to heal myself. Yep.

Splat goes the dr00d!

Anyway, any helpful tips, addons, builds are more than welcome!

No, I won't be going full-tree. I want to be able to heal and still dps when I solo (which is most of the time).

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You wake it, you tank it. said...

You definitely want more hybrid of a spec than I've seen you running with Andro. You can keep a fair bit of functionality but you can't do it with out Nature's Swiftness( next cast has a casting time of 0s ) or Swiftmend( consumes a Regrowth or Rejuv hot for a direct heal ). They're essential to dealing with damage spikes and when things go all wonky.

Otherwise, run Grid w/ the addons listed here( ). It's worth it. Especially if you see yourself getting killed more often than not.