Monday, December 1, 2008

Personal Update....

Personal update:

About to ding 80. I've put off instancing for a bit, and pounded out quests like mad. I went Titans Grip for about 5 hours. Died more times in 5 hours than I did in the previous 3 levels (not including instance wipes... of course). More than 3 mobs and I was dead, pretty much. As Prot, if I can't get at least 3 mobs its not worth it to me.

Engineering is now 425 or so. Really want to cap that, and get my new goggles, and my new tanking gun. Gotta spend time flying and mining... like crazy.

Smelting titansteel is netting me 100-200g pure profit every day (above the cost of mats) and since I'm farming the mats, its a pure 400g per day. I do need to save up 3 bars I think, though, for my gun.

And soloing elites? Not happening as TG. I was getting owned by elites 6 levels below me... where as Prot, I can solo most up to 1 or 2 levels under me (without blowing cool downs, pots, etc)

Things I need to personally improve upon:
-Using Heroic Strike more - more and more while I aoe tank in instances I end up rage capping myself
-Using the enrage -> health thing more often when soloing
-Figuring out when its okay for my dps to aoe (I usually say, 2nd thunder clap and I have aggro locked in), and when its not. Its a tough balancing act when you have a ret-pally (massive single target dps) and a mage (massive aoe threat) to keep enough threat on both the main target and the group of mobs.
-Keeping my shouts up. I always suck at this.
-Putting vigilance up on someone in instances

I should ding tonight. There will also be a post about what gear to go after to hit the defense cap (540 defense skill is needed, which I believe is 688 defense value). Gotta get uncrittable. I figure I'm gonna research it, may as well post it for you all to enjoy! ;)

Also, with block value being valuable now, defense is also a much more viable mitigation stat.

Okay, any instance guide you would like written up next?

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