Monday, December 22, 2008

Tag... I'm it?

Well, there's this thing... going around... where I'm supposed to comment on my commenters... on my blog.

I haven't had many, it always surprises me when I get randoms posting on here, and I love it.

I suppose I need more informative posts to get people interested. Aside from my guildmates, my first commenter was Frijona over at Blog of Corruption

Anyway... pants off dance off.

Pos = 80, ready for heroics, and just lost his last level 70 purple when I bought a new belt off the AH. The one with frost resistance. I couldn't pass up an extra 1k hps after gemming any longer.

Abs is closing in on 75, and loving aoe grinding. At the rate I'm playing him, he may be 80 before even hitting Dragonblight. All I do is log on and fill instance groups to dps :)

Andro is 70, just hangin out and will start leveling soon enough. I don't know if I'll stay boomkin or go hybrid spec so I can heal instances...

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