Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Arena, 3v3's

PvPing as SL/SL:

Holy cow, its like I'm a tank. Seriously. I've been running 3-man arena's with a Frost Mage/Holy Paladin two nights every two weeks (that way we only have to respec back and forth once - run on Monday & Tuesday night). We've been running for about a month, and after the initial drop to about 1300, we've gotten progressively better. We broke 1400 again this past week, and I'm feeling good about our chances to keep moving up in the world.

Now, our gear has gotten a little bit better, and thats made us better pvpers, but, what's made us handle fights better and deal with the quick hectic scrum that is Arena's is simply better communication.

I let our Mage call out the burn target (and his sheep target, so I don't dot it) then, we collectively hope that they try to kill the warlock. Why? Because I can take one heck of a beating. Seriously. It helps that we have the uber paladin healer to keep us alive.

My job in the arena's? Fear like crazy, dots on everything (unless the Mage calls a sheep target), and just run around in circles while trying to stay inside healing range of the paladin.

I'm not a great pvp-er, I'll admit that. I'm decent. I can hold my own vs most people 1vs1. I'm not aware enough, nor do I have enough macro's to properly use my felhunter. I haven't found a use for any of the other pets yet (I've thought about trying a succubus and having her seduce... but she dies SO quickly its not worth it).

So, I'm coming to you, my faithful readers, for pvp advice, blogs to read, addons you may suggest....

I just spent badges on a set of pvp boots, as there are no more badge upgrades for Abs on the PvE side. I got the Arena chest and the 8000 honor trinket, now I'm down to the two pvp blues to replace. I decided to go with two pieces of Dreadweave and two pieces of Felweave to get the 70 resil bonus instead of the -0.2 sec off of Fear.

Anyway, enough ramblings.... FEEDBACK! Please!

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Nic Williamson said...

Well I'm not much of an arena-er myself, but Megan over at Out of Mana and Horns over at Yet Another Warlock Nerf have great info and tips to keep us locks pwning!