Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome aboard....

Well, for me, and my WoW career, today was an eventful day, after an eventful week. Eventful. The majority of the core raiding group I was with, left the guild, to pursue their interests (of SSC and TK and other things) elsewhere. My closest group of friends has remained. They've - I suppose I should say 'We've' - retained the Knights name, and have decided to move forward instead of sideways or backwards.

Nothing, for me, is more fun than a solid 10 man raid. Chatting with friends on Vent, while progressing, and simply enjoying ourselves. The problem was, the guild stopped progressing. Just 3 weeks after a guild first (downing Netherspite), the inflation of the ranks to "try to get enough people to do Gruul's" killed Karazhan. No one wanted to go and wipe on shade with people in greens.

As K and Orrarruuuu like to put it, "You don't gear for Kara in Kara."

Anyway, back to today. We made the decision to keep KoU together. To pursue our idea of a casual raid guild.

The definition of what that is?

We're casual. We have fun. We like to do crazy stupid things, and joke around, but, for those 4 hours, we're hardcore raiders.

No, we won't be giving "MINUS 50 DKP" or anything like that, but... we will be telling you if you're screwing up.

We will be running WWS to try to see how we can improve, individually, and as a result, as a whole.

Now, back to today: Posolutely hit 70 two days ago. Today, I tanked my first Heroic. Mech. Orzag, Tiandrah, Antigen and Tasogare (Gnome!) tagged along with me. Afterwards, BigP and Taso helped me out with some enchants, and a new cloak, and now Pos is probably set to offtank Kara. 12.8k HP unbuffed, 12500 armor, and over 490 Def.

The other eventful thing? I agreed to lead a Kara raid. I'm nervous. Thankfully, Annuubis will be there (along with Orzag, K, Boon and Orrarruu).

Now that I've rambled. Time for sleep.

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