Saturday, April 19, 2008

Did that just happen?

So, we didn't just run Kara.

We freaking destroyed it.

Attumen => Prince in just over 4 hours.

2 Wipes. Both on Opera.

Ran with my good friends. Boon, Kikidas, Owaru, Neshura and Abs a 5-some that has run many, many things. This was the first time we were all in Kara together.

The group was topped off with super-marker/puller Annuubis, Orzag (who might be the best priest I've ever run with), Anolifer (who busted his tail to meet our standards to get in), Kaggomi (an uber rogue's Shaman alt) and Bigpoppi... who is just a rediculous fire mage.

We pulled fast, furious, and everything ran smooth. I really think I held things together, I let Annuubis do his thing. I basically handled loot, discussed the boss fights, showed some people some tricks (like the little triangle for melee to run into on Prince)

This was... the most fun I've had running a raid or instance in quite a long time.

I need to sleep.... more tomorrow.

1 comment:

K said...

Orzag may be the best priest, but I'm the best priestess! Seriously, the death in H. SP wasn't my fault. Blame Boon. *cry* I need to prove myself!

How about more CE heroic runs? :)

And I'm a little disappointed that we didn't hit the two dragons. :(