Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Haunt Clipping

I'm sick of warlocks who are affliction who don't lifetap properly during boss fights.

Yes, its your job to DPS, its also your job to lessen the stress upon healers.

So, I hear you asking already... when do I lifetap Mister Abs?

The answer is: You clip Haunt, and lifetap immediately after you finish casting Haunt. You see, Haunt is NOT a DOT. Its an instant damage spell followed by a 12 second debuff. When you clip it, your little healing ghost starts flying back to you. If you lifetap before that ghost gets back to you, it will heal you up almost to full.

So please, do your healers a favor on boss fights, and use this trick. No lifetapping 3 times and going down to 20% health crap.


K said...

I'm still working on haunt clipping. I get it >most< of the time, but occasionally I'll go 'eek' and see that my Haunt has fallen off completely. Usually this is a result of me having to move or retarget something else... But I'm getting better, and that's the only time that I do lifetap. And dear lord.. I never run out of life or mana.

Monica said...


I use the addon "Power Auras". When Haunt become available to cast again it makes a noise like a sonar. As soon as I hear that noise I know it's time to Haunt/Tap.

Brian & Darcy said...

What frustrates me (to flip the script) is when I'm timing my lifetap with my haunt refresh, only to get a heal just as I receive haunt. (Or the heal lands just before haunt does, either way.)

Even after I tell them I'm timing my taps with haunt, not to heal me right away...

Because now you've wasted mana and time healing me and I'm feeling like a jerk for it...